Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Time is Near!

Moving day approaches and I continue to pack and clean. In the meantime, I conducted bunny surgery (a necessity after taking a handmade bunny to the drycleaners...)

Do you have a childhood toy that you'd keep forever? That one thing that you'd be embarrassed if your friends knew about, but that you cherish secretly and hope one day you'll get to show to grandkids? (or just your own children). I suppose if you answer that question in the comments then you'd be telling your secret, but I won't tell anyone!
I disguise mine as "great neck pillows..." Although it's more habit than anything that I still have teddies in bed with me (only at my house, M thinks they're weird, so they're relegated other places when he's over)

Erica, do you remember the teddy bear you gave me in 9th grade? And we called him "Little J?"... He's still agood friend of mine.

And I'm not really that embarrassed to admit it - is there anyone who'd rather go huggless than sleep by yourself?

That aside, I managed to do the felting process on the large bag I was knitting. It looks fantastic! The straps could use a little extra felting, but the bag itself looks great and I'll be proud to use it in vancouver while shopping for produce!

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