Wednesday, June 9, 2010

House Arrest

I'm stuck at home.

I definitely used my keys to get in last night and up to my apartment (you need a fob to get to your floor in the elevator), but this morning when I was all ready to hop to it to Canadian Tire to pick up a Yoga mat so I could go to Yoga for 1030, I realized my keys weren't where they usually are.

I looked around the house to no avail. Bonus: small apartment = few places a set of keys could hide. Keys are definitely not in my house.

They must be at my neighbour's house. We stopped by their place last night after satisfying M's craving for poutine. (good choice).

Guess who's still asleep at 10:50am. GRR.

So 1030 yoga is out.

Back up plan is to get the keys, get the mat, and go to a 1230 yoga class on Burrard. But if I don't hear from the neighbour soon, that'll be out the window.

Best laid plans.....

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