Friday, June 18, 2010

Stupid lame cellphone company.

Let's make this a short story done in timeline.

Winter 2009/2010: Cellphone is on the fritz. Doesn't send text messages. Phone taken to store to get fixed. Phone still fritzes. Called tech support. temporary fix as must continue to call tech support to have problem fixed several times.

March 14, 2010. Takes phone to store to send away for repair. receives loaner phone.

JUNE 18, 2010. After much bemoaning, finally contact the store again to find out where my phone is. Still not returned by repair shop. Mother indicates that phone company called for me a few days ago but did not leave message.

June 18 @ 9am: realized that on work order, company has phone number listed from a year ago, which was TWO phone number changes ago. Alternate number is family home's.

June 18 @ 11am: Call to store. Store does not have my phone. Store indicates that they will try to contact repair shop and will call in "20 mins or so"

June 18 @ 3:15pm: Call to store. Store has not heard back from repair shop. Clerk indicates that "it's Friday, so I wouldn't expect to hear anything until Monday or Tuesday"

June 18 @ 3:16pm: F@$K!

I really just want to get the phone back. If it's missing, then I'm going to demand a new phone, of course. This whole ordeal has been BS, what with the THREE months delay, and the incorrect phone number (HOW is that even possible? They're the ones who give ME the phone number). I'm just getting really tired of this whole thing.

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