Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sex and the City and a Solo Date Night

Last night was my equivalent of Saturday, so I decided to go out. No fiance. No girlfriends. Just me. I got all dressed up (it probably took me an hour to pick out what I was going to wear), did my hair and makeup, and walked the few blocks to the downtown movie theatre.

I, of course, went to the Sex and the City 2 movie. I think if it had been any other movie, M would have tried harder to come with me, but I was happy in the knowledge that he considered the first movie to be total drivel and he couldn't stand watching it. For me, it was a great little indulgence. I like doing that from time to time; eating in a restaurant at a table "for one", getting dressed up to go downtown without anyone. There's a lot of freedom in that - kind of like when you first get your driver's license and you realize you can go anywhere and not have to consider the needs of others. If you want to go left, you can GO left and not feel the need to ask permission.

Or you can wear whatever you want and not worry that you're over or under-dressed.

So the movie was fun, anyway. A little silly, but fun. Oh, and I'd like to point out that I've been wearing a metal clover charm around my neck since last year (many months before Carrie). Also, that 'Big's' diamond ring to Carrie -well, I guess it's a black diamond, but I initially thought it was a Sapphire - comes AFTER M's initial suggestion that I actually have a Sapphire stone in my engagement ring. So she's a little late there.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm much more fashion-forward than Carrie. (or not, but pipe dreams anyway)Carrie's Clover.My clover. Hers is probably much more expensive. The Cornish Pixie (Joan the Wad) pendant probably cost more. But I like wearing them both.

I went for a drink after the show (a Cosmopolitan, of course). It was a little surprising that there were so many bars open at 130am on a Monday, but I wasn't complaining. There weren't many seats at the bar where I ended up, so I sat next to an older man from the U.S. It turned out that he's been traveling for a while and needed some light company, so I was happy to oblige and he bought my drink in the end (he was told I was married, FYI). The company was nice, but the vibe I got was that he was nice, but nice in the way that I felt the need to remove my coat and reveal that I was wearing the rather revealing top underneath. Pleasant. But anyway, I finished the drink, thanked him for the company (he was very polite), and took a cab the few blocks back home. It was raining, and I was still hearing my 5inch heels, after all.

I slipped into bed and gave that man of mine a hug since I love him so much. I love evenings away, but I love coming back home even more.

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  1. Very fashion forward!

    I also enjoy the freedom of going out alone, making 100% of the decisions and not having to care about what other people want. It's just nice once in awhile not to have to answer to anyone!