Monday, June 7, 2010

It went well...

I went to work today.

I neither died, nor caused Earthly shifts. Things went o.k. I even managed friendly chatter with my Primary case's mom. It went well. There's still lots of rather nutty things that go on at work (I mean,'s a psych ward), and things that are going to get under my skin (hello 18 year old patient who revealed to his primary staff that he's bisexual and has strong romantic feelings for younger boys, in particular, a 12 year old on our unit. F@#k.)

But I'm feeling much better about going back to work tomorrow.

Today? Well, some of you out there in the blogosphere will think I'm floofy, but while I was reading the Twilight books, I listened to the playlists posted here. I noticed that the website has taken down the actual playlist feature, but while I was reading the books, I set the corresponding playlist on loop. Maybe that's why I swooned. I had musical accompaniment. There's some good stuff. Check it out, fools!
For the record: as far asthe movies are concerned, Jacob's waaaay hotter. Edward's look leans towards crack addict. meow.

1 comment:

  1. Team Jacob all the way! Edward's too whiny for me. And as far as the movies are concerned, I'm totally team werewolf. Hunky guys running around with no shirts? I'm in!

    Happy to hear things went ok at work! It'll get better. Maybe not easier, considering the line of work you're in, but you'll be more prepared for it all as time goes on and you gain more experience.