Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Little Nostalgia

This morning when I woke up, I didn't have much for plans. The in-laws stopped by midday and we went to Granville Island, which I always love doing. I think I got a bit of sun, though, and I ended up crashing into a nap at around suppertime after they'd left.

So M and I were planning on a quiet evening, but our friend, D, stuck his head into our apartment to tell M that something's up "boys only." I guess he and his girlfriend broke up. Blast. So, it turned into a boy's night and I stayed at home. But that was just fine with me. I made some tea, and started making a loaf of bread and a pan of brownies. I got sidetracked from the book I've been reading (Prince Caspian) by the pull of singing along to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and then the Pocahontas soundtrack. It's 11:46, and the 2nd one is only just finishing now. I've also had Jude running around the apartment for a few hours. I'm hoping he tires out, but that's doubtful. In all, it's been a very peaceful and decadent Saturday night. A really good night in. Just one of those nights where you're really happy to be exactly who and where you are.

UPDATE: As part of some weird Karmic somthing-rather, I spilled my entire cup on tea on my computer keyboard after finishing this post. Of course.

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