Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awake Now

It took a cold shower and a few more hours of being lazy around the house, but I think I'm finally awake.

The only lame bit is that I'm going to have to try and stay up late when everyone else is going to be going to bed. Maybe I'll catch up on some knitting and some letter writing.

Yesterday I had to prep for doing a night shift. Usually, I try to stay up really late the night before so I can sleep in, but I woke up at 8am. I decided I'd try to just tire myself out so I'd nap well in the afternoon. Off to Stanley park for the morning! I wasn't in the mood for a run, so I geared up for a nice long walk all the way around the park.

Ok. This picture was supposed to illustrate my planned route, but it's impossibly small and hard to read. Anyway, it's supposed to take 8km to walk along the seawall around the park. I wanted to take a path through the centre of the park to get away from the cars and people, but I ended up getting lost, and found out that I'd missed the only crossing of the major road through the park, so I never made it to the West side of the park. But I did find Beaver Pond!

It was a nice walk, but by the time I came back to the bus loop, it was 1130 and getting really hot. I suppose all that sun and sweat worked for the best, though, because I slept all afternoon!

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