Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Night Shift Thing Isn't Working.

Last night I'd resolved to stay up late in order to try and keep some "up-all-nightedness" since I I have to work a couple more night shifts this week. "3am. That'll probably be a good hour to try and stay up until..." So I let Jude out of his cage for a nice long run-around and settled into some knitting in front of the tv.

Soon, M went to bed and I was left alone...

At about 1am, I realize I haven't heard any hampster scritch-scratching around the apartment. Hmm. Maybe he's curled up in a corner for a nap.

I check out all of his hiding spots. nothing.

Did he get past all my barriers and crawl underneath the fridge again? I lay down and listen for signs. Nothing.

Then, while lying on the floor near the friedge, I see the little fleeting brown head of Jude popping out from a corner of a cabinet in the kitchen! I fly over and open the cabinet door....and realize he's not in the cabinet, he's UNDERNEATH the cabinet. The cupboard right next to the wall had a hole left by the carpenters approximately 2 inches wide, and Jude had climbed in! I was getting flashbacks of how my last few hampsters died - by crawling into my beddroom walls and getting lost (I would guess) and never returning. Shit. So a put some peanut butter on a spoon, held the spoon up to the hole and blew the fumes in.

And then I waited.

And waited.

Eventually, he did come out. I figure that the space was only a few inches wide and extended only the length of the side of the cupboard, so he was bound to get bored eventually when he realised he couldn't go anywhere else. And I put him back in his cage right after that. I think he only spend about another hour on his wheel before he tucked himself into bed.

At any rate, I stayed up until 3am by watching some ramdom matchmaking show on mtv. I crawled into bed, happy that maybe I'd sleep until the afternoon.

But no such luck.

I woke up at 11am. exactly 8 hours later. Damn my circadian rhythm and it's decision to have me need exactly 8 hours of sleep. NOW what am I supposed to do!

I'm going to go and dress for the day and clean the apartment. Lame.

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