Saturday, July 10, 2010


It's 4:23 am. 0423hrs.

I'm over the witching hour. woot. A little bored, though I shouldn't be because I've got a pile of things to do. Well, not REAL nursing things. When I was hired, I was given an 'internship,' which basically means I was given a binder with a pile of things to learn and research and do. I've done most of these things- now I just have to type out the "good copies." blah. Boring. And even though I've got oodles of time to do that stuff in on a night shift, I'm horribly unmotivated. I'm quite happily listening to CBC radio 2 on the computer while snooping through long since estranged friends' Facebook profiles. And blogging.

Oh, and to make things more exciting, there's only one patient on the unit. She's been sleeping for hours.

Only three more hours to go! And then two more night shifts this weekend....

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