Monday, October 3, 2011

Also in May...

Camping in Stanley park!

I don't know that I mentioned this before, but in the spring I realized I needed a little bit of social, non-work related activity in my life! In one instance, I opted to volunteer for the Stanley Park Ecology Society's Urban Camping program. Kids from urban schools come with their classes to camp outside for a night in the park. They learn about wildlife and sustainability and earth-friendly things. My job was to help the camp leader in teaching the kids to set up their tents and cook their supper. Due to park regulations, fires weren't permitted so all cooking was done on Coleman camp stoves at one of the picnic areas and we couldn't have a campfire, but I think the kids had fun anyway! There were a number of kids who'd never slept outside, and so sleeping in a tent was adventurous enough for them.

I made a promise to myself to make sure any child of mine knows how to navigate a tent and a camp ground.

Most of the nights I camped (it ended up being only two due to my work schedule, and my birthday, and my stagette) it rained on us, but I had a great time and I'd do it again next year! I'd also recommend this volunteer activity to others. Most of the volunteers were senior highschool students looking for credits, but the SPEC was a great place to get to know, plus they gave me a pass to see the pre-screening shows of Theatre Under the Stars in July!

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