Monday, October 3, 2011

August - the Honeymoon bits!

After an insanely just-right wedding, Mike and I jet-setted off on our 5 week Honemoon through South-East Asia. I wrote meticulous journal entries which I don't have with me tonight, but I did bring along some photos and a general remembering!

Through to the end of August we travelled through Vietnam and Laos.

In Vietnam, we learned how to cross the street, swam in the South China Sea at Nha Trang, visited the Mud Baths, entered the Forbidden Purple City, crawled through the Cu Chi tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City, had clothes made in a day in Hoi An (they're still on the slow-boat to Canada, but they make me giddy when I think about 'em!) and took the first of our four night trains. We practiced our haggling skills, and our mental math for conversion (though I quickly resorted to using my human calculator, Mike). We also sweat a helluva lot!
Wearing our new conical hats for a biking tour. Dashing!

heading into the tunnels! They're a bit larger once you get inside...but so effing hot in there!

Mud baths in Nha Trang!

Laos was a much smaller country with few cities. While the capital city - Vientiene - seemed very modern, we also stayed in a town that only just received power lines in the last year! We found it a much more peaceful country, though. Not nearly as bustling and chaotic as Vietnam. The downside, though, was that the roads were shit and I got carsick every time we got on a bus...which was every day.

buddhas abound!

giving ahlms to monks at 6am. Party because I'd been given a bad fortune at a temple, and party because I'd never given ahlms to a monks before. It was sticky rice, and it was hot!

lookout point in Laos. It's not that far down (like, 5ft) I'm somewhere nearby trying not to be sick from the car ride.

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