Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting to know me!

Since we've come back from the Honeymoon, I've been working on getting to know "me" better, and doing soul-food things! One of those things was going to see Keith Urban in concert (at the very last minute! I bought the tickets at 2pm for an 8pm concert, but the arena's in the neighbourhood, so it was no biggie). Here's what I came away with...

pretty cool tour set

Russell Crowe showed up and played, too!
we lucked out and he played THIS close to us! I could see him sweat!
Keith donned a canucks jersey, too!
 It was a pretty wicked concert. Plus one of the Sedin twins was there, and Russell Crowe made a surprise appearance! I even wore my cowgirl hat..

And then of course, there was my trip to Quesnel to visit Tori! We got into plenty of trouble alone the way, including during our visit to the Dollarama:

Angel L: Oh no! My eye fell out! Angel R: Eww! *barf*  
 Also, we went on the Little People Walk around town. We didn't hit up quite all of the stops, but we had fun with the ones we did meet!
Me and the Boy Scout (#5). Pledging while crossing my fingers, naturally.

Horsing around with the Rodeo Clown (#6)

Riding the BX Cook (#2). I think he enjoyed it, by the looks of things
On my second night in Quesnel, I was determined to help my friend get friendly with her kitchen. Too bad the oven didn't work and we had to take our meal to a friend's home to finish up!

She made her first pie - yay!

Clockwise: Roast chicken, care of Safeway. Stuffing. Steamed beets, garlic mashed potatoes, and the apple pie!

On the last day, Tori was at work, so her sister and I hit up the local museum, where we met up with Mandy, the haunted Doll. After we took this picture, we saw the sign asking that we not take pictures of her. Oops. What I found spookier about her was that at the back of her glass case was a mirror, and I kept catching a glimpse of the mannequin on the other side of the room in it, but since I was moving, it looked like something was moving behind Mandy! ooooo...
Mandy's cool. She's buddies with Montel Williams.  

 Here's some more about Mandy!
We were bored at a cafe later, and cartooned.

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  1. OMg guess what??? My new landlord just offered me a whole box of apples from her tree!! THINK OF ALL THE PIES I CAN MAKE!!!!! I dunno if I can do it without you though... I'll have to ask you nicely to send me the exact recipe we used haha.