Monday, October 3, 2011


waaaaay back in May, I turned 25. The quarter century. There wasn't much I wanted to get for a birthday present, but I was definitely going a little stir-bugs crazy being in the city all the time. We don't have a car to get out of our neighbourhood often, so I asked that we rent a car and go on a little adventure for a day!

We'd scoped out a basic route with Google maps, but we took a few extra detours. First up on the list: Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford. This wasn't on my go-to list, but I was up for adventure. Mike really wanted to play ski-ball mostly! It was fun, and we came away with huge prizes! (three lollipops)

The Othello Tunnels were next. Old train tunnels, now without tracks, run for several hundres meters and you can take a walk down them if you're keen. It was a couple hours' drive to get there (they're near Hope), and so we (Mike and Meg and I) were happy to stretch our legs despite the light drizzling rain.
Mike and I between the rocks!
Some friendly travellers offered to take our picture
Alas. They were under construction. We snuck past the not-so-secure security fence though to take a few photos.

Meg and I 3m inside the first tunnels. Aren't we rebellious?

After a little fun in the outdoors, we headed to Harrison, BC, for their hotsprings! To be honest, we had no idea where the actual hot springs were, but we ended up at a community pool where the water was just the right temp. We pulled out the new waterproof camera to test its durability. It works great!
smells like ham in here!

The day was a great success. Went to a few brand new places, ate some good food (who knew smoked salmon jerkey from someplace other than Costco was yummy?!), and shared some fun with good people. Yay for being 25!

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