Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tonight, Tonight

Tonight (or rather, it was this afternoon) I went to see the vancouevr Symphony Orchestra's production of West Side Story. Originally I wasn't terribly interested because I thought it being an Opera performance it wouldn't have any of the real theatrical elements that make WSS so wonderful (the dancing, for instance). Once I learned that it would be a full-scale production, I was totally on board. Plus, I lucked out, and I managed to snag the most perfect seat - exactly in the middle, about 5 rows back. Perfect. I could see 'em sweat!

At first, I wasn't sure about the show. I'd seen it before at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and it was thrilling, so this show had a lot to live up to. Personally, I found some of the dancing a bit heavy, and the lovely lady who played Maria sang beautifully, but was a little too operatic for my taste and it didn't seem to balance well with Tony's tone.

But then came Act II. Things got more intense and more exciting! It really was this song (in the video below) that caught me - Gee Officer Krupke.

I've said it before - theatre makes me feel good - and I mean it. I left the Queen Elizabeth Theatre with such a rush! Of course, then there's the moment when you come crashing down again and you realize that it's over and you have to go back to your 'old' life, but the high was totally worth it.

I think I'm an addict, for real...

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