Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love dance

I went to my technical rehearsal for my dance recital this evening. We weren't in costume or anything, but there's just something about being up on stage...It feels really really good.

Even when I muck up the steps because I've managed to miss 9 weeks of classes since january...

I'm really, really excited about it. It's my first time wearing a tutu, which I've mentioned before, but I absolutely love it. I love everything about my tutu. And I just feel wonderfully silly and girly whenever I wear it. It's delightful.

But then a couple of times this evening, I thought: Maybe next year I'll take another Lyrical or Hip-hop. I'll have more money to be able to do it because I'll be a real live nurse.

And then I remember that the chances of me being in Kamloops next year are kinda slim.

And then I doubly remember that even if I was in Kamloops, I probably couldn't take more than one class because I'd be nursing, which means odd and crazy hours and I couldn't just take classes three times a week because no place would hire me like that...blah.

So then I realize that I'll probably not be dancing like this again. Of course there will be opportunities - like when I was at UBC and working at the Hospital, I was able to go to drop-in ballet classes a few times a week....but there wasn't anything like a recital at the end.


So I'm just going to enjoy every second of this last opportunity to dance at the Sagebrush. Maybe one day, many years from now I'll be able to come back....maybe.

I'll just have fun in my beautiful tutu while I can :)


  1. Sure you can still dance! You pulled this show off, even after missing 9 rehearsals, right? That means it'll be okay if every couple weeks you can't be there due to work. It's different when you're in a class with working professionals. It's okay if you are absent every once in awhile due to work. It's not okay to be absent if you're a teenager and just don't feel like going.
    Callyn really really wants to take an adult tap class. she doesn't want to do it alone though, haha so you should take that with her!

  2. Thanks - I appreciate the moral support..

    Tap might be fun, too...maybe...