Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Work Update

Just had my phone call with Knollcrest. Went well...super well.

We decided that my first day of work would be June 15 (with, neatly enough, is the day before Grandpa's 102nd birthday, so I'll be there for that!).


She asked for me to send her my references, but just because she has to. This thing is mine.

The only problem now is making sure we get all the paperwork straightened out. The thing is, it's not simple paperwork that Knollcrest's crazy inter-union stuff. We're not sure if my current registration with the RN's union of BC is at all transferable to Ontario. Vicky things maybe...but I'm more doubtful. I would be fine with registering with Ontario, but of course then that paper trail could take a while to finish up...I'd hate hate hate to think that I have this job in the bag, but I couldn't work because I have to wait for weeks for someone to stamp "approved" on it and take my money.

So I've been calling the unions, and "HealthForce Ontario" to try and get the info. Of course, they all seem to be on lunch break, and I've had to leave messages with these people. Blah.

But it's really really really nice to know I have a start date, and that I have for SURE 25 shifts between then and September (though more are likely to come up once more paperwork is filled out)

*sigh* feels good.

Update on Theatre: Got an email back from Lori Marchand. The regular auditions are through, and Jeremy Tow (the new Artistic Director of WCT who's doing the auditions) is now away for several weeks. She said she'd work to get me a meeting with him in July. Of course July, while I'm away. I'm really tempted to save my pennies and just fly back for whatever day they want to see me. Still, it was incredibly nice to know that they were thinking of me. In addition, I now have the ability to go to this "Midsummer's Ice Cream Dream" event held for Project X Theatre on June 13th. It would be a great opportunity to hob-nob, and I might even run into Jeremy. (Wouldn't that be nice?). The only problem, of course, would be that I would have only one possible day to fly to Ontario (if I WAS going to fly - there was talk of me driving in whatever car I purchased) before I start work...

I'm really super good at making things waaaay more complicated than they need to be.

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