Friday, May 15, 2009

Is this even possible?

I'm trying to apply for a job. It's not a big job, and it's not fancy, but I want it. So I went to their website.

under the "careers" section, it outlines the positions available. Then is says "forward resumes to Ms. X at XXX mailing address." also there's a fax number.

I get it. This job is in the middle of Amish country, but you've got a webpage! you'd think then they'd have an email address to bring resumes to! So I called up this nursing coordinator. I got her voicemail.

All I said was that (it's in quotes, but I'm loosely quoting) "I'm a new nurse, and I don't live anywhere near this place ( so I sure as heck can't bring my resume in in person. I could fax it, but then I couldn't ask them questions at all...) and here's my number. By the way, did I say I was a new grad and that I want to work for you? My name's Sarah."

Now I have to cross my fingers and pray.

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