Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Social Circles...

So I'm trying my best to get 'er done.

I'm hoping that all my years of putting my fingers in all of the social pots may have paid off...even a little. It's that "it's not what, but who you know that counts," that I'm hoping will work in my favour.

I mentioned a few posts ago that the Western Canada Theatre was putting on a bunch of great shows this season - among them My Fair Lady and The Miracle Worker. So here's the scoop:

Through this and that, I came to know Lori Marchand of the Western Canada Theatre. She was warm and friendly and had seen some of my theatre performances. A year or so ago, before I last auditioned for the WCT, I went to the theatre to submit my resume. Lori was there, and she brought me in and showed me what I should do to make my resume good, and what a good headshot looks like (she pulled me into David Ross's office, and pulled a resume off his desk, and then showed me his headshots). She seemed to really support me trying to get involved. great!

So, on Friday I had my dance show. When I finally got home at midnight, I saw that earlier in the day I'd recieved an email from a guy named Julian at the WCT through Facebook. He said that Lori had suggested that I would probably like to come an audition for My Fair Lady, and that I should call him on Monday. He didn't leave an email address. So, of course, I sent him a facebook email back immediately. Again, this was Friday night, late. At the very least, I was hoping I'd hear from him via facbook my Monday.

I couldn't call this Julian guy on Monday, because I wasn't anywhere near Kamloops on Monday (for Mike's Grad - yay!), and I didn't hear from him at all...

So today is Tuesday. The day of the auditions. I know of one woman who went to them (and bumped into her at the supermarket later in the day once we'd returned from Vancouver), and I definitely wished her well....I like her :)

But, Tuesday has passed, and I didn't hear anything back from Julian. In my facebook email, I'd mentioned that I couldn't be around for any Tuesday audition because I needed to be in Vancouver for Mike's UBC grad (I said family member, because saying 'boyfriend' somehow doesn't feel like as much of a committment), and I'd asked if there was any possible way I could have another time....but of course, I heard nothing.

Seeing as I didn't have this Julian guy's email, I sought out Lori Marchand's address, and I utilized that social contact. I let her know of my plight, and asked that she give me any information (including if I'd no hope in hell of getting an audition now...)

So, now we see if years of creating a meticulous social web has paid off.. I'd be thrilled if I could just get into an audition, let alone a part. I mean, what was most wonderful was knowing that there were people thinking of me during the process, and someone actually came out and ASKED me to audition.

But, my next adventure will be my audition for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on the weekend! Back to the coast...

UPDATE: I made some changes to this post once it became apparent that some of the things I'd written came out on paper wrong. I want people to know that I'm not the type of person to "use" others, and that in certain communities I have friends, acquaintances, and of course enemies (though more often than not, there aren't any enemies). In any case, I'll be friendly to my friends and those I don't know so well. In certain circles, like I said: It's not what you know, but who, and it never hurts to be kind. In this situation, something actually worked in my favour, and I was incredibly surprised and delighted that someone would have remembered me. I very much appreciate these things, and I would hate to have people believing that I might employ "false friendship" tactics in order to get a leg up. I'm just saying it pays to be friendly.

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