Thursday, May 21, 2009



I got a call this morning....from "Vicky Stewart, Director of Nursing at Knollcrest Lodge in Milverton, Ontario"

qewirtg ';eohjer
pljurt;yjkr't;lykmi I'm so excited I can barely type properly! I just want to bang the keys! asldkughsd;fklhjdf;lhjd'flkjd'f;ljd'f;ljk
d; v'asler'friyn;vmgjhdlyilbg'

Feels good.

Anyway, she asked me when I can start. She said she could have a schedule for me in a couple of days....

but that maybe I should send her my resume first, just for the sake of tradition.

She'll take me worts and all...only for the summer, and even though Grandpa lives there.

She said that she has to take the resume, but that "you're a new grad, and you want to work in Geri...I'm not going to say know?"


I'm so happy right now. You have no idea.

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