Monday, April 13, 2009


Me thinks I'm going to go on an adventure!

So I've got this friend who's a pilot. He's training to be a commercial plot, and he needs to log some serious flying time.

He's also a photographer. I met him for dinner this evening to repay him for taking my grad photos. During supper, he asks me

" you have a passport?"


And he tells me about this two week trip around the western US to see any and everything. He's already got one friend coming, and he wants me to come too.

After some thinking, I really think I'm going to go.

It's two weeks. 10 days of flying 6hrs per day, with 4 days of earth exlopration. I don't have to pay for anything except for my meals, activity costs (like going to the San Diego Zoo), and some accomodation.

Why shouldn't I go? He leaves on April the 25th. That's not long from now. The time is right coz Mike will be away for the summer, and it still leaves me plenty of time to work before AND after. It's such a brilliant idea, and it's semi-spontaneous, and I doubt I'll ever get the chance to do this again.

I love the idea of going on an adventure!


  1. That sounds like quite the adventure! You should definitely do it!

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm planning on it! woo!