Friday, April 24, 2009

When the cat's away...

Hello! So this will be the last post I have for about two weeks. I'm scheduled to fly out of Kamloops tomorrow morning at 730am. I'll likely be answering emails only once in a while, and the blog will fall into complete disrepair. But, I have packed my trusty traveling journal, so I'll have loads to write about when I get back.

I'm totally stoked.

I also had the telephone interview with the lady from the Huron Perth Health Alliance in Ontario. The interview went super well, and I'm quite confident that the job is mine if I want it.

If I want it.

I was hoping for something for the summer that I could slink out if I needed to later. As it turns out the unit had to reduce its number of beds and I would get hired on "full time" when they returned to their normal number (33 beds) in SEPTEMBER. Because I'm a new grad, they offered to take me in July for two months of intro/prep and a mentor at work before I took on shifts by myself, but I just don't know if that would work. I asked about casual, but they didn't sound interested.

If course it's not going as planned.

But she's sent me the forms to fill out for references and the mandatory criminal record check. Like I said, I'm sure the job is mine if I want it....I'm just not sure if I want it now. BLARG!

Knitwise: I bought some red, white and blue finger weight yarn for knitting socks while I'm flying. I'll show you them when I get back....

So, have a great two weeks everyone! Don't have TOO much fun while I'm gone! I'll miss you! I should be back in action on May 9th (just in time for my birthday!) or 10th.


  1. hurry up and come home already! I forget what you look like! YAYYYY 2 days i think?

  2. oh, ps, this is Tori, on Steve's laptop haha

  3. You clearly need to update this. I'll give you 2 days. That's it. lol.
    Ps: bday celebration sounds good.
    Pss: are you still up for ferret sitting?
    Pssss: I'll call you in the am!

  4. post script script script?