Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So Many Options...

So as it seems, I've got a few options beginning June 4th.

June 4th is the date of my graduation.

Option 1: Ontario. I've been emailing a recruiter in the Huron Perth Health Alliance. She's the same woman I was madly emailing last year at this time about working there as an undergrad. They didn't have a UGN program then, but of course they have one this year when I'm no longer eligible. BUT, she's helping me find out whether I'm eligible for the New Graduate Nurse program there. The reading material says it's for nurses graduating from a nursing college in Ontario, but there just might be room for me...I asked her about working at Stratford General Hospital in the med/surg unit, or perhaps mental health, but I'll take anything. She asked me if I would consider a more rural spot like St. Marys or Seaforth. Seaforth is waaaay out there. I suggests St. Marys. I was thinking Ontario because of family. Well, more becausemy grandad is 102 this year and, well, every day is a surprise party. But, I would get the added benefit of being able to work nearby my favourite theatre in pretty much all of Canada. And I would see all of the shows.....*drool.* I'm working hardest on getting this job.

Option 2: Vancouver. Move back to Vancouver and get a job at BC Children's hospital. I really did like it there. I did my last practicum there in the Adolescent Mental Health Unit - which I loved - but I was thinking that if I went back I'd go to the medical or surgical units for practice doing all of those nursing skills I haven't even looked at in what seems like years. I'd stay in Mike's dorm/apartment probably until August when his apt. contract runs out, and then find a place in Vancouver for myself with the spoils for having worked for a few months. I can see myself being back in Vancouver, coz like I've said a few times, I don't think I've got all of my "city sillies" out yet, and I really like Vancouver.

Option 3: Kamloops. At the moment, this is probably my least favourite option. I'm sorry to all the people who'd need/like me to stay for the summer, but there just aren't as many opportunities here. I'm working at a psychiatric facility here as a "patient care aide," where my job description is basically making sure that the patients get fed, dressed and cleaned. Sometimes they need to be cleaned more than once in the day. Sometimes they really REALLY don't want to be cleaned. Sometimes it takes three people to help them get clean - because we have to have two people holding the limbs while I clean. After not having worked in so long because I was finishing school, my first shift back at work was a total drag. I'm not a huge fan of the envirionment, and sometimes I'm really not a huge fan of the staff. To tell you the truth, there are sometimes that I watch other staff, or listen to them talk, and I just can't believe that these are the people I have to work with. And then I realize that I'm more educated than many of them. And THEN I remember that I could be making twice the amount of money that I'm making now at a real nursing job that I liked. SO, if I stayed in Kamloops, I'd definitely have to find a new job - probably at the General Hosptal. I get hesitant to do this, though, because of my experience from last year. It took several months to get my interview (after having been "double booked" with another interview on the day that I was to drive to Vancouver to go to Samoa) and then after being told I HAD the job in June, they tell me "OK, so your first shift is July 14th." I lost so much time trying to get work at that place....blarg. I don't want to get mixed up in that again while trying to find a new job.

My plan is to work at my PCA job at the psych hospital until I grad, (for the very reason I just explained about time lost from trying to get a new job. Not that it'd matter since I've only been called in to work once since I've come back to Kamloops), and then get the heck outta there.

Anyone want to weigh in?


  1. Do you have a timeline for making a decision? I guess this depends on hearing back from Ontario eh? Right now I'm working on getting out of my residence contract but I can keep it if you decide to move down here. Though you probably have better options (cheaper, closer, parking) than this place.

  2. Yea, I'm not sure....

    I gave Tori a two week timeline for telling her for sure whether I'd be in Kamloops or not, though.