Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday was funny...

But in a really good way.

I went to work. That's not funny. It just sets up the reason why my second point is funny. I work with nurses, and LPN's and care aides. "Real artistic" types, if you know what I mean.

I received the Western Canada Theatre's (WCT) e-newsletter in the mail yesterday, about an hour before I finished work. At the top of the email, it read: "WCT 2009/2010 Performance Lineup Announced." The hairs on the back of my neck perked a bit.

The lineup includes My Fair Lady and The Miracle Worker. I am ecstatic. A classic musical, and a lesser known show that I myself performed in in 1999 at a community theatre in Ontario (when I lived there.). It was my very first "non school" show. It has a special place in my heart.

I would like to giggle really loudly, and excitedly tell others about this great news. I realize that absolutely nobody around me cares. Many of them probably have not even heard of "My Fair Lady," nor would they know what I'd be talking about if I said "WCT." I am surrounded by a virtual artictic desert. I realize I must keep this amazing news to myself for another hour until I find someone worth telling.

By the way, I told my mom when she picked me up from work. The conversation was like this:
"Hey mom (...) May Fair Lady!"
"oooooH!" "
"And, (...) Miracle Worker!"

...Finally, someone who understands me.

Went to dinner with a few friends. One was the pilot friend, and the other was the other passenger on the flying adventure. Good company, in other words. Ate dinner at Bistro 3.2.6. Nice Place. Good food, definitely. We chatted about the upcoming adventure, and how I'm glad I've got a couple of friends who actually call me from time-to-time (I DO have a couple of them. Redhead, you're one of 'em.) I just mean that this Facebook thing can be bad for your ego in that you see pictures of your friends and classmates all out having fun together - fun that you weren't invited to...*sigh*

I realize that I, more than anything, want to audition for the WCT 2009/2010 season. I think about how much I miss theatre and how I love seeing live theatre, but that I always feel sad when I leave a show because I couldn't be a part of it: like being the water-boy on the football team - you watch all the time, though maybe once or twice you got to throw the ball to a player which only served to show you what you were missing. Sucks. I'm thinking about updating my resume....and contemplating coming back to Kamloops, even though I was 100% convinced that I couldn't stay only days ago.

I went with my two friends to A&W after dinner. We bought food for the bums on Victoria Street. For one guy, I say "Hey, you want some coffee?" he says "oh, ok." He thanks us. Then he says, "yea, I'm just out here trying to get some change for a couple a beers." I'm glad we gave him coffee and a teen burger instead.

I forgot to mention that I was accused of trying to pick up the high school aged A&W boy for asking if I've met him before (he really did look familiar). He was being jovial. We were there 5 minutes before closing. As we left, he said "Here, I've thrown in a couple of pies and some fries just for trying to pick me up!" I was NOT trying to pick him up. But we took the extra food.

By the time we finish giving out the food, I realize I'm having a really good time, and I'm feeling chattier than I have been in a long time - more social or something.

We go to Zach's Coffee House. I don't order anything, but rather chat up the young woman working at the counter. My friends finish their drinks before we sit down we talk so long. I make the girl almost reconsider not going to TRU by telling her about how much I've loved the nursing program. Somehow, we all decide that my Pilot friend is picking up the woman, and I have a thing for mascot porn. (I really don't)

I spend the next hour in the coffee place reciting lines from "Team America: World Police" and - moreso - Monty Python. Pilot informs me that I'm a bonified Geek for being able to recite that much Python. I'm just happy that I'm having fun being social and silly. I liked being silly.

And I didn't get called into work today. So I'm feeling good still.


  1. Mascots eh? Are we talking anthropomorphic mascots like Youppi and Fin, or more symbolic like a giant hotdog?

  2. neither. I don't actually dig that stuff. Silly.