Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yes, I did get an audition with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. There were posters all over Vancouver and so I decided to fill out the application form. From the form, I could tell that they were just looking for interested warm bodies - you know, people to wear a coloured shirt and stand in a specific place in order to create a shape with another 99 people, seen from the air. I tried to get Mike to apply too, because they were looking for athlete types. The form opened with something like "Are you an a) Athlete, or b) a dancer?" So, I got a call from these people yesterday, informing me of my audition time. Of course it's in Vancouver. at 9am. So I have to figure out how to get there. I'm thinking of trying to get the guy I'm flying with on my adventure to just make it so that we get back to Canada on the 9th or early on May 10th so we can just fly there. We'll see. I'm going to try mt best to get there, because - come on - how many time in your life are you going to have the opportunity to attend the Opening and/or closing ceremonies of the Olympics, let alone be IN them....

In other news, I'm getting a littlw flustered that I haven't been called at all to go to work in the last 4 days. Frankly, I'm a little antsy. Yesterday was terrible because it was the third day that I'd woken up without work and without any plans for things to do all day. I pretty much knitted and watching TV on the computer. It was so bad that I caught up on all the new episodes of The Hills. I wonder if this is Karma for talking smack about work a couple of days ago.

In good news, just before dinner I remembered that I was supposed to go to the Annual General Meeting for the Kamloops Heritage Railway. Huzzah! Something to do! I really have missed being with them. I spent a lot of summers with that train, and all of the people involved with it, so it was nice to get to see them again. It's also nice to hear that after they fired the last Office Manager that the finances are back on track. Without getting too much into it, be pretty much did nothing at work, and made some really rediculous financial (and otherwise - like even though the KHR got approval from the government to have a summer student, she DECLINED it...weird) choices. But now there are people at the helm who care and who - even if they don't know exactly what they're doing yet - want to learn and are eager to do their job well. Me like train. Me like train people.

Plus, they like me, and made me feel good again when I went to see them. Is it bad to do things for that reason at all? Everyone wanted to say hi, and that they missed seeing me around the train, and were interested in what I'm going to do now that I'm done school....Frankly, after the useless day I'd had where I just felt totally blah, it was nice to have people interested in me. Maybe it's a little vain, but I think everyone needs to feel a little bit interesting sometimes.....


  1. i think you're pretty interesting. Lol. Last night when callyn and I got home we tried on our costumes in full. And I said to callyn, "these body suits are amazing." And then it hit me. For halloween, we will wear just the body suits over fishnets, with the hat. FANTASTIC. She had a pair of fishnets kicking around, so she put them on, and we started taking pictures hahahaha. She's going to photoshop the livingroom out of the background, and thenpost them so you'll see the fantasticness in awhile haha